Love Story

So, do you want to know the real love story? Not the one polished for wedding viewing pleasure, but rather the nitty gritty, the down and dirty. The love story we have shame in, the story of faults and sins. It isn’t easy to tell the story. It’s filled with lies, drugs, immorality, and the constant desire for control over another. That’s always the true story, right? We are struggling to be God, to have people bow down to our wishes, to demand love and service. The problem is, we are not God. It took both my husband and I a while to learn we were not the dictators of our own soap opera universe.

Our story begins at a young age when we were rebellious and “free,” or so we thought. We fell in young love and along with that came young decisions and young faith. We fell into sin, and we had to crawl our way out by tooth and nail. It was the toughest climb we’ve ever conquered. I can still remember the stinging pain and breathlessness of betrayal and dishonesty. My husband can tell you about the frustration bursting from his dignity as I pressed my thumb down on him over and over again. We didn’t know what we were doing wrong. We loved each other; wasn’t that enough to revive tear-drowned hearts and our precious, dying relationship. We were blind to selfishness and expected worship of each other that squeezed a mighty God out of his sovereign place in our relationship.

The story ends well because God redeems. Oh, the grace we were shown through each other, through our vicious sins, and ultimately through God transforming our individual hearts. We shouldn’t have made it, but on a perfect day in May we vowed to never leave each other and to never treat each other the way we had. We have been given new hearts of joy and grace. We gave our marriage over to the one who saved it, the one who poured grace over us, and the one who will keep us together forever. We finally bowed down. We breathed in the peace of the Lord and held each other in the lightness of His freedom. He will carry us home; ‘til death do us part.


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