That One Time I Planned a Wedding

As a twenty-something, it seems like the pinnacle of existence to find your one true beau, get that rock and plan the ultimate wedding. Although, I wasn’t bursting at the seams to get that diamond on my finger and plan a wedding, that’s how my story played out. It seems to always go that way, getting what you don’t desire (so repeat with me ‘I don’t want a fiance right now’ ‘I don’t want a fiance right now.’ Congratulations you are one step closer to getting married). I knew I wanted to have a joyous, beautiful, spiritual, and delicious wedding celebration, but I had no idea what it would take to obtain it.

Answer: Sacrifice, tears, pain.

Not exactly my idea of planning a wedding. And I am not the bridezilla type, nor did I want anything extravagant, expensive or lavish. Nonetheless, I have a mother who was VERY invested in planning this wedding for with me. Needless to say, there was grief.

So, the cake was not dropped, I did not have a “wedding gate” nor a white runner down the aisle. The church was minimally decorated; I had a beautiful dress and delicious food. My wedding, in my eyes, was perfect. I fought for the simplicity of it, and (although I love my mother very much) I’m glad I got my way. Now, I never intend on having/planning another wedding again (on principle and practicality) and I walked away with many-a-life-lessons I had to learn the hard (best) way.

All this to say, your wedding is just a minor detail. GASP. Yea, I’m not retracting my statement. The person you are spending the rest of your life with is the major detail. Bottomline- a very expensive evening of dancing, ooohhing, ahhing, and (let’s be honest) seeking positive regard from judgmental friends will never replace a lifetime of misery. Put the sacrifice into the relationship not the bank account. It will make a lifetime of difference. Promise 😉


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