Faith and Emotions


Being a female, I sometimes get accused of feeling too much. I tear up during commercials, okay. This not only makes my husband uncomfortable, but it also isn’t a joyride for me when I am having intense feelings of sadness, anger, loneliness, revenge, etc. Of course the pay off is I often have moments of all-encompassing joy and freedom!

After finishing reading the Bible one morning, I had a thought cross my mind. If i can’t help that I am a woman, that I have emotions, and that I seem to feel them more intensely than the average person, why not align the emotions to the one who created them?

Maybe, if I feel sad and can’t seem to find the light, then I should think about what makes the Lord sad. I  imagine the Lord looks down at children starving and men without shelter and feels intense sadness for his creation. What if I could direct my sadness into a type of “holy sadness” in which I aligned my heart more closely to God’s? Because most of the time, when I feel sad, I feel sad about myself or my body or my dysfunctional family. As a believer, shouldn’t I sacrifice my all to follow Christ, even my emotions?

And when I am consumed with anger. Would it be wrong to redirect my anger to the injustices of this world caused by selfish man? Instead of getting angry about a rude client at work, I could get angry for the women who are trafficked into this country under the guise of a better life.

Surely not every human emotion is justifiably related to a holy perspective, but what if I could turn my emotions into a corresponding action of love or an inexhaustible will to fight for the vulnerable?

Could I take on the burden of the cross while giving my emotions over to the Lord? I imagine the result would be less discontentment for my own life and an increased compassion for the creation God so intensely cares for that he gave his only son.

It may just be that my girly emotions could be the perfect fuel for a passionate faith. 🙂


One thought on “Faith and Emotions

  1. “It may just be that my girly emotions could be the perfect fuel for a passionate faith.” I love this and it suits me perfectly also. Thanks for sharing! ~Blessings~

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