I’ve been on a hiatus lately. I have largely neglected the realm of Christian music, Christian literature, devotionals, and the like. I have a lot of issues with the American Christian sub-culture, but that is not necessarily my reason for recent aversion to “Christian” things. Honestly, I would attribute it to complacency and possibly distraction. Now, I am not one of those Christians who believes we should ostracize ourselves from mainstream culture. In fact, I truly believe we should interact with popular culture because 1. we are people and people create culture and 2. Christians should be in constant relationship with those who don’t believe.

My personal hiatus, however, is not based upon purely temptation or pleasure. I believe I slowly habituated myself to what is easy and available rather than seeking out Christ-like, lovely and pure forms of media, entertainment, literature, etc. It simply became easier for me to devour what is spoon-fed everyday by the masses versus pursuing the intimacy of Christ.

I get into moods (I think everyone does) where I just want to  be numb. So, I engage in “numbing” activities and watch “mindless” tv or read “empty” articles about something vain and meaningless. I get used to this type of empty stimulation until my soul is exposed to God’s interaction in the world, and I begin to turn my head in His direction again.

It’s astonishing how this cycle can perpetuate in my life, yet I find myself retracing my steps again trying to run back into the arms of Christ.

When I am operating in the phase of constant secular input I produce very little meaningful output. My mind is not creating words or wisdom or even prayer when I’m on my mainstream binge. I have no inspiration. I’m surviving on “junk food” if you will and my creative hub is in dire need of some Christ-inspired veggies.

Recently (as in yesterday) I was surrounded by some generally awesome, God-loving people which inspired me to read a Bible verse or two which in turn led to All Sons and Daughters playlist session which caused me to begin an Annie F. Downs book. You get the picture. It’s only “Day One” of my exposure revival and I already feel the impact of loving words, holy scripture, and even the intimate conversation with my Lord again.

I am once again learning how my sinful self so easily falls into chasing things of this world rather than the Creator of this world. It scares me how so easily distracted I can become; something as simple as repeated exposure can alter my well-spring of praise and  passion. As I continue building my relationship with God and his church, I am learning the importance of : “whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable–if anything is excellent or praiseworthy–think about such things.” 



How do you balance exposing yourself to the lovely things of this world without being enclosed in a “Christian bubble”?


2 thoughts on “Exposure

  1. I have found that Jesus Christ everyday is the only way. 🙂

    Romans 13:14 But put ye on the Lord Jesus Christ, and make not provision for the flesh, to fulfil the lusts thereof.

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